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Ethical dilemmas may arise due to the strong desire of marketing research firms to become suppliers to large business firms that are heavy users of marketing research. Take, for example, Visa, Coca-Cola. or Ford Motor Company. Such firms have large marketing research budgets and regularly hire external marketing research suppliers. These large clients can manipulate the price for the current study or demand unreasonable concessions in the research design (e.g., the examination of additional variables, more focus groups, a larger, more targeted sample for the survey, or additional data analyses) by suggesting the potential for the marketing research firm to become a regular supplier. This may be considered just business, but it becomes unethical when there is no intention to follow up with a larger study or to use the research firm in the f!lture.

Equally important

the responsibilities to the respondents must not be overlooked. The researcher should design the study so as not to violate the respondents’ right to safety, right to privacy, or right to choose. Furthermore, the client must not abuse its power to jeopardize the anonymity of the respondents. These respondent-related issues are discussed in more detail in

NASCAR: Changing the Redneck Image

The Situation

The sound of engines roaring the voices of screaming fans … the beating of hearts pumping the excitement of NASCAR! The National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) is a company unlike any other. Although it generates excitement in fans all across the nation, NASCAR has been stereotyped as only appealing to Southerners with lower incomes who work in laborert type jobs. Brian France, CEO of NASCAR, wanted to increase its audience and change its stereotyped image

NASCAR conducted exploratory research to identify ways to penetrate the non race market. reach younger fans. and build its brand image across the nation. Extensive focus groups revealed that: (I) NASCAR had a rural sports image. (2) this image was not necessarily negative, am’ (3) companies that supported sports were viewed positively

The Marketing Research Decision

1. Do you think the research design adopted by ASCAR was appropriate? Why or why not?
2. What research designs would you recommend?
3, Discuss the role of the type of research design you recommend in enabling Brian France to change the image of NASCAR

The Marketing Management Decision

1. Brian France realizes that it is crucial for NASCAR to project the right image. However, he wonders what that image is. What advice would you give him?
2. Discuss how the course of action you recommend to Brian France is influenced by the research that you suggested earlier and by the findings of that research

A Concept Map for Research Design

A Concept Map for Research Design

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