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Nonmetric Analysis of Variance

Non-metric analysis of variance examines the difference in the central tendencies of more than two groups when the dependent variable is measured on an ordinal scale. One such procedure is the k-sample median test. As its name implies, this is an extension of the median test for two groups, which was considered in Chapter IS. The null hypothesis…

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Illustrative Application of N Way Analysis of Variance

Returning to the data of Table 16.2, let us now examine the effect of the level of in-store promotion and couponing on store sales, The results of running a 3 x 2 ANOVA on the computer are presented in Table 16.5. For the main effect of level of promotion, the sum of squares SSxp degrees of freedom, and…

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Illustrative Applications of One Way Analysis of Variance

We illustrate one-way ANOVA first with an example showing calculations done by hand and then using computer analysis. Suppose that only one factor, namely in-store promotion, was manipulated, that is, let us ignore couponing for the purpose of this illustration. The department store is attempting to determine the effect of in-store promotion (X) on sales (Y). For the…

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One Way Analysis of Variance

Marketing researchers are often interested in examining the differences in the mean values of the dependent variable for several categories of a single independent variable or factor. For example: • Do the various segments differ in terms of their volume of product consumption? • Do the brand evaluations of groups exposed to different commercials vary? • Do…

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Analysis of Variance and Covariance

Real Research Analysis of Tourism Destinations A marketing research survey conducted by EgeBank in Istanbul, Turkey, focused on the importance of U.S. tour operators and travel agents’ perceptions of selected Mediterranean tourist destinations (Egypt, Greece, Italy. and Turkey), This study was conducted with the help of the Department of Tourism and Convention Administration at the University of Nevada-Las…

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