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Test Marketing Wow!

Lestrade, marketed under the name Olean, developed and researched by Procter & Gamble over 25 years at a cost of more’than $200 million. is an amazing new cooking oil that adds zero calories and no fat to the snacks people love. Frito-Lay’s  Max chips with Olean were test-marketed in three cities in 31 supermarkets. Researchers collected sales data…

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Experirnentinq with Price Sensitivity

Canon wants to determine consumers’ price sensitivity for its new advanced digital camera and hires you as a consultant. 1, Visit  and identify the price ranges of the digital cameras by Canon and other brands. 2. Search the Inter.. using a search engine as well as your library’s online databases to obtain information on consumers’ price sensitivity for…

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Splitting Commercials Shows Their Strength

A multiple lime series design” as used to examine the buildup effect of increased advertising. The data were obtained from the Niclxen BASES split-cableTV  advertising field experiment ln the split-cable system. one group of households was assigned to the experimental panel and an equivalent group to the control panel. The two groups were matched on demographic variables. Data…

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instrume tation

Instrumentation (I) refers to changes in the measuring instrument, in the observers, or ir I the scores themselves. Sometimes, measuring instruments are modified during the course of an ex periment. In the advertising experiment, ifa newly designed questionnaire was used to measure the ‘posttreatment attitudes, this could lead to variations in the re ponses obtained. Consider an experirnsnr…

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Causal Research Design Experimentation

It’s in the Bag LeSportsac. Inc. file dasuit against Kmart Corporation after Kmart introduced a “di Paris sac” line of bags. which LeSportsac claimed looked like its bags. According to LeSportsec, Kmart led consumers to believe that they were purchasing LeSportsac bags when they were not. To prove its point. LeSportsac undertook causal research. Two groups of women…

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