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Transcribing data involves transferring the coded data from the questionnaires or coding sheets onto disks or directly into computers by keypunching or other means. If the data have been collected via computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI). computer-assisted personal interviewing (CAPI), or Internet surveys, this step is unnecessary because the data are entered directly into the computer…

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Declaring Discards

In a cross-cultural survey of marketing managers from English-speaking African countries. questionnaires were mailed to 565 firms. A total of 192 completed questionnaires were returned. of which four were discarded because respondents suggested that they were not in charge of overall marketing decisions. The decision to discard the four questionnaires was based on the consideration…

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Data Cleaning: The Burke Way

According to Damon Jones, Office Manager. Data Acquisition and Processing. Burke. Inc. ( completed questionnaires from the field often have many small errors because of the inconsistent quality of interviewing. For example. qualifying responses are not circled. or skip patterns are not followed accurately. These small errors can be costly. When responses from such questionnaires…

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Data Preparation

After the research problem has been defined and a suitable approach developed , an appropriate research design formulated ,and the fieldwork conducted the researcher can move on to data preparation and analysis, the fifth step of the marketing research process. Before the raw data contained in the questionnaires can be subjected to statistical analysis, they…

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