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Questionnaire Translation

The questions may have to be translated for administration in different cultures. Direct translation, in which a bilingual translator translates the questionnaire directly from a base language to the respondent’s language, is frequently used, However, if the translator is not fluent in both languages and not familiar with both cultures, direct translation of certain words and phrases may be…

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Economic Environment

Economic environmental characteristics include economic size (GDP) , level, source, and distribution of income, growth trends, and sectoral trends. A country’s stage of economic development determines the size, the degree of modernization, and the standardization of its markets. Consumer, industrial, and commercial markets become more standardized and consumers’ work, leisure, and . lifestyles become more homogenized by economic development…

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International Marketing Research

This chapter discusses the environment in which international marketing research is conducted, focusing on the marketing, government, legal, economic, structural, informational and technological, and environments.’ Whereas discussions of how the six steps of the marketing research process should be implemented in an international setting took place in earlier chapters, here we present additional details on survey methods, scaling techniques, and…

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