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International Marketing Research

When conducting marketing research in foreign countries, statistical estimation of sample size may be difficult, because estimates of the population variance may be unavailable. Hence, the sample size is often determined by qualitative considerations, as discussed in Chapter II: (I) the importance of the decision, (2) the nature of the research, (3) the number of variables. (4) the…

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Adjusting the Statistically Determined Sample Size

The sample size determined statistically represents the final or net sample size that must be achieved in order to ensure that the parameters are estimated with the desired degree of precision and the given level of confidence, In surveys this represents the number of interviews that must be completed. In order to achieve this final sample size, a…

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Multiple Characteristics and Parameters

In the preceding examples we focused on the estimation of a single parameter, In commercial marketing research. several characteristics not just one. are of interest in any project, The researcher is required to estimate several parameters, not just one, The calculation of sample size in these cases should be based on a consideration of all the parameters that…

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Statistical Approach to Determining Sample Size

Several qualitative factors should also be taken into consideration when determining the sample size, The statistically determined sample size is the net or final sample size sample remaining after eliminating potential respondents who do not qualify or who do not complete the interview. Depending on incidence and completion rates, the size of the initial sample may have 10 be much…

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The Sampling Distribution

The sampling distribution is the distribution of the values of a sample statistic computed for each possible sample that could be drawn from the target population under a specified sampling plan.2 Suppose a simple random sample of five hospitals is to be drawn from a population of 20 hospitals, There are (20 x 19 x 18 x 17…

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Sampling Final and Initial Sample Size Determination

Real Research Bicycling Reduces Accidents Due to Error The sample size in Bicycling magazine’s survey of U.S. retail bicycle stores was influenced by statistical considerations, The allowance for sampling error was limited to 5 percentage points, The table that follows was used to determine the allowances that should be made for sampling error, The computed confidence intervals took…

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