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Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)

In the department store project, SEM can be used to develop a model that explains store preference in terms of respondents’ evaluations of the store on the eight factors of the choice criteria, The endogenous construct will be store preference, measured by 10 indicator variables; each indicator will be preference for one of the 10 stores considered in…

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Assess Structural Model Validity

The results of data analysis are also shown in Figure 22.9. First, as with the case of the measurement model. the proposed model was found to fit the data satisfactorily as the fit values were well within acceptable ranges [X2(24) = 43.32, P < 0.01, CFl = 0.99, GFl = 0.96, and RMSEA = 0.057]. According to TAM,…

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Comparison with Competing Models

In addition to having a structural model with a good fit, it is a good practice to show that the proposed model has a better fit than competing models that might be considered as alternatives. A good fit does not prove the proposed theory or structural model best explains the sample data (covariance matrix). An alternative model may…

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Specify the Measurement Model

Once the constructs have been defined and their observed or indicator variables measured, we are in a position to specify the measurement model. This involves the assignment of the relevant measured variables to each latent construct. The measurement model is usually represented by a diagram, as indicated in Figure 22.3. Figure 22.3 represents a simple measurement model…

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Structural Equation Modeling and Path Analysis

Concern for Intenet Users’ Information Privacy Concerns Despite its tremendous potential, the share of electronic (e- )commerce as a percentage of total commerce remains small, less than 5 percent as of2009.lnformalion privacy concerns related to doing business on the Internet have been identified as a major factor hindering the growth of e-comrnerce. Therefore, the author…

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