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The Mayo Clinic Staying Healthy with Marketing Research

William and Charles Mayo began practicing medicine in the 1880s in Rochester, Minnesota. They were quickly recognized as extremely talented surgeons, and they gained so many patients that they were forced to think about expanding their practice. Around the turn of the century, the Mayo brothers began inviting others to join their practice. The partnerships that the Mayos entered into created…

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National Football League The King of Professional Sports

The National Football League is considered the king of all professional sports in the United States. It was formed by II teams in 1920 as the American Professional Football Association and adopted the name National Football League in 1922. The league currently consists of 32 teams from American cities and regions, divided evenly into two conferences (AFC and NFC). with four.…

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In 1950, Bill Rosenberg founded the Dunkin’ Donuts chain by opening the first location in Quincy, Massachusetts. By 1975, 1,000 locations nationwide were grossing a collective $300 million in sales. At the beginning of 2008, there were 7,988 Dunkin’ Donuts stores worldwide, including 5,769 franchised restaurants in the United States and 2,219 internationally. The company clocked worldwide sales of $5.3 billion during fiscal…

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As of 2009, Accenture is the largest consulting firm in the world and one of the largest computer services and software companies on the Fortune Global 500 list. It has more than 170,000 employees in 49 countries and reported revenues of $25.68 billion for the fiscal year ended August 31,2008. Through its network of businesses, the company enhances its consulting, technology, and…

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Burke: Learning and Growing Through Marketing Research Alberta Burke, who previously worked in P&G’s marketing department, founded Burke, Inc., in 1931. At that time, there were few formalized marketing research companies, not only in the United States, but also in the world. As of 2009, Burke, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, is a marketing research and decision-support company that helps its clients to…

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