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The Situation

Richard Anderson was the chief executive officer of Delta Air Lines. Under his leadership, on April 14, 2008, Delta Air Lines Inc. and Northwest Airlines Corporation announced an agreement in which the two carriers will combine in an all-stock transaction with a combined enterprise value of $17.7 billion, creating America’s premier global airline. Since 2000. the Global Airline Performance (GAP) study has teamed up P. Robert and Partners and the London-based Aviation Information and Research unit of lATA, the International Air Transport Association. to perform a two-part syndicated survey for measuring passenger satisfaction on 22 different airlines in 30 different countries. It samples 240,000 passengers each year and is conducted in seven languages. The interviewers catch the respondents at the most opportune time: while waiting to board the plane. The first part of the survey consists of 20 questions about the airline staff and their willingness to assist; the second part. one that must be sent by mail or fax. asks questions about the boarding process,

service on the plane, and comfort. Delta’s general manager of marketing researcfl, Pa~l Lai, agrees that keeping the information fresh in the respondent’s mind helps get a clearer view of how the airline can increase customer satisfaction. Another benefit of the survey is that it is ongoing so that they can track responses over time. Lai also enjoys receiving the data about other airlines so they can conduct comparative analyses and identify areas in which Delta is lagging the competition. The survey revealed to Delta and other airlines that two service issues are most important. One is the operational service such as arrival/departure times without delays. The second is more subjective and cannot be controlled as easily-airline employee and customer relations. If Paul Lai remains in tune with the surveys performed by GAP. Delta will have no problem staying ahead of the night competition

Posted on November 28, 2015 in Questionnaire and Form Design

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