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The researcher has several ethical responsibilities to both the client and the respondents in the sampling process, Pertaining to the client the researcher must develop a sampling design that is appropriate for controlling the sampling and non-sampling errors When appropriate probability sampling should be used When non-probability sampling is used, effort should be made to obtain a representative sample It is unethical and misleading to treat non-probability samples as probability samples and to project the results to a target population, As the following example demonstrates, appropriate definition of the population and the sampling frame and application of the correct sampling techniques are essential if the research is to be conducted and the findings used ethically.

Real Research

Systematic Sampling Reveals Systematic Gender Differences in Ethical Judgments

In an attempt to explore differences in research ethics judgments between male and female marketing professionals, data were obtained from 420 respondents.The population was defined as marketing professionals, and the sampling frame was the American Marketing Association directory The respondents were selected based on a systematic sampling plan from the directory Attempts were made to overcome non response by not only mailing a cover letter and a stamped pre addressed return envelope along with the questionnaire, but also by promising to provide each respondent with a copy of the research study results. Results of the survey showed that female marketing professionals, in general, demonstrated higher levels of research ethics judgments than their male counterparts.

Researchers must be sensitive to preserving the anonymity of the respondents when conducting business-to-business research, employee research, and other projects in which the population- size
is small. When the population size is small, it is easier to discern the identities of the respondents than when the samples are drawn from a large population. Sampling details that are too revealing or verbatim quotations in reports to the client can compromise the anonymity of the respondents, In such situations, the researcher has the ethical obligation to protect the identities of the respondents,
even if it means limiting the level of sampling detail that is reported to the client and other parties.

Decision Research

MTV: The World’s Most Widely Distributed TV Network

The Situation

As of 2009, MTV Networks included favorites such as MTV, VHI, Nickelodeon, Nick at Nite, Comedy Central, CMT: Country Music Television, Spike TV,TV Land, Logo. and more than 137 networks around the world. MTV Networks uses-a free-flowing corporate culture and a group of power brands to earn big profits for parent Viacom Tom Freston, CEO of MTV, actually took MTV as a small start-up company and turned it into a cultural behemoth, Judy McGrath was named chairman and CEO of MTV Networks in July 2004, Although MTV has become a global icon, with millions of viewers.all over the world glued to its programming, MTV is constantly trying to keep up with what is popular and keep its viewers watching, MTV is always trying to find new ways to engage its target audience, 18- to 24-year-old, This has not always been an easy task. For example, the channel had fading hits like Beavis & Bullhead and The Real World. Ratings began to slip as users complained that there was no longer music on MTY, Telephone surveys were conducted. with the 18- to 24-year-old group, The sample was selected by choosing households based on computerized random digit dialing. If the household had 18- to 24-year old, one person was selected using the next birthday method, The results of this survey showed that MTV needed a makeover.

The Marketing Research Decision

1. Because trends come and go, it is important for MTY to stay in touch with its audience and know their wants. Judy McGrath especially wants to keep in touch with the 18- to 24-year-old through periodic surveys. What sampling technique would you recommend?

2. Discuss the role of the type of sampling technique you recommend in enabling Judy McGrath to keep in touch with the target audience.

The Marketing Management Decision

1. What should Judy McGrath do to attract the 18- to 24-year-old group to MTV?

2. Discuss how the marketing management decision action that you recommend to Judy McGrath is influenced by the sampling technique that you suggested earlier and by the findings of that research.



Posted on November 30, 2015 in Sampling Design and Procedures

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