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The Internet can be useful to marketing researchers in many ways. A variety of marketing research information related to the client company, its competitors, the industry, and relevant marketing, economic, governmental, and environmental information can be obtained by conducting a search using popular search engines: AltaVista  AOL Search Ask Jeeves FAST search  library. Important sources of marketing research information on the Internet include bulletin boards, newsgroups, and blogs. A newsgroup is an Internet site  where people can read and post messages pertaining to a particular topic. Blogs or Web logs can be used to obtain information on a variety of topics and to recruit respondents for surveys. Although you can find blogs on most search engines, special engines such as Blog Search Engine  have been designed for blog searches. The Internet can be used to help find a job in marketing research. Research Info at  offers a research employment board where job postings and job wanted ads are placed. The Internet is quickly becoming a useful tool in the identification, collection, analysis, and dissemination of information related to marketing research. Throughout this book, we show how the six steps of the marketing research process are facilitated by the use of the Internet.

Samsonite It’s in the Bag

The Situation

Samsonite is one of the world’s largest designers, manufacturers, and distributors of luggage. They sell their products using a number of quality brand names, including Samsonite* and American  and are a leader in the highly fragmented global luggage industry. Through aggressive product development and marketing, President and Chief Executive Officer Marcello Bottoli hoped to increase the company’s market share from 36 percent in 2005 to 40 percent in 2010. Mr. Bottoli recognizes the importance of new product development and that Samsonite must continually introduce successful new products in the marketplace.

The Marketing Research Decision

1. What type of marketing research should Samsonite undertake to successfully introduce new products and increase market share?
2. Discuss the role of the type of research you recommend in enabling to increase Samsonite’s market share

SPSS Windows and SAS

In this book. we feature SPSS programs (ww w.spss.corn), not merely as a statistical package, but as an integrative package that can be used in the various stages of the marketing reeerrch process. We illustrate the use of SPSS for defining the problem. developing an approach. formulating the research design. and conducting data collection. data preparation and analysis. and report preparation and presentation. In add ilion 10 the BASE module. we also feature other SPSS programs such as Decision Time. What 11’1. Maps. Data Entry, Sample Power. Missing Values.
TeXISma:1. and Smart Viewer. Data analysis is also illustrated with three other software packages: with special emphasis being placed on


Marketing research involves the identification. collection. analysis. dissemination. and use of information. It is a systematic and objective process designed to identify and solve marketing problems. Thus. marketing research can be classified as problem-identification research and problem-solving research. The marketing research process consists of six steps that must be followed systematically. Figure 1.7 is a concept map for the marketing research process. The role of marketing

A Concept Map for the Marketing ResearchProcess

A Concept Map for the Marketing ResearchProcess

research is to assess information needs and provide relevant information in order to improve marketing decision making. However. the decision to undertake marketing research is not an automatic one but must be carefully considered. Marketing research may be conducted internally or may be purchased from external suppliers, referred to as the marketing research industry. Full-service suppliers provide the entire range of marketing research services from problem definition to report preparation and presentation. The services provided by these suppliers can be classified as syndicated, standardized. customized, or Internet services. Limitedservice suppliers specialize in one or a few phases of the marketing research project. Services offered by these suppliers can be classified as field services, focus groups and qualitative services, technical and analytical services, and other services. Due to the need for marketing research, attractive career opportunities are available with marketing research firms, business and nonbusiness firms, agencies with mar- , keting research departments, and advertising agencies. Information obtained using marketing research becomes an integral part of the MIS and DSS. Marketing research contributes to the DSS by providing research data to the database, marketing models and analytical techniques to
the model base, and specialized marketing research programs to the software base. International marketing research is much more complex than domestic research as the researcher must consider the environment prevailing in the international markets that are being researched. The ethical issues in marketing research involve four stakeholders: (I) the marketing researcher, (2) the client, (3) the respondent, and (4) the public. The Internet call be used at every step of the marketing research process. SPSS Windows is an integrative package that can greatly facilitate marketing research.

Key Terms and Concepts

marketing research, 6
problem-identification research, 7
problem-solving research, 7
marketing research process, 9
competitive intelligence. 13
internal supplier, 14
external suppliers, 15

marketing research industry, 15
full-service suppliers, 15
syndicated services, 15
customized services, 15
Internet services, 15
limited-service suppliers, 15
field services, 18

focus groups and qualitative
services, 18
technical and analytical services, 18
marketing information system
(MIS), 21 .
decision support systems (DSS), 21

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