Telephone Surveys: The Hallmark of Hallmark Marketing Research Help

Because females control more than half of the purchasing decisions in their homes, Hallmark Inc.did some research on this target market-women. Qualitative research revealed the importance of girlfriends in the life of women. A national telephone survey was conducted asking women ages 18-39 how they first became acquainted with their girlfriends, and how often they kept in touch with their girlfriends. Respondents were asked to rate how likely (or unlikely) they were to share secrets, surprises, disagreements with spouses, and personal (pregnancy) information with their girlfriends. The results showed that 45 percent of women felt that there was an occasion on which they would rather share the information with a female friend than a male friend. It was also found that 81 percent of women “calmly discuss topics when they have a difference in opinion with their girlfriends.’: Both of these percentages illustrate a higher probability for females to share information and engage in correspondence.

Several software packages, such as Ci3 by Sawtooth Software are available for conducting CAT!. Computer-automated telephone surveys (CATS) systems are capable of dialing and interviewing respondents without any human intervention, other than the digital recording of questions to be asked during the phone survey

Personal Methods

Personal interviewing methods may be categorized as in-home, mall-intercept, or computer assisted.

personal ln-Home Interviews

In personal in-home interviews, respondents are interviewed face-to-face in their homes. The interviewer’s task is to contact the respondents, ask the questions, and record the responses. In recent years, the use of personal in-home interviews has declined due to its high cost. Nevertheless, they are still used, particularly by syndicated firms  such as Media mark Research, Inc. (MRI).

Media mark  Bench marking U.S. Households

Media mark conducts an ongoing, comprehensive study of the adult population of the United States called the National Study. This study, conducted continuously since 1979, surveys the demographics, product usage, and media exposure of all persons age 18 and over in the contiguous 48 states

Respondents are selected on a strict area probability basis. A computer list of more than 90 million households is merged with other sources necessary to construct a properly stratified sample. The sample is composed of three sections: a sample of metropolitan areas; non metropolitan counties; and each of JO major U.S. markets: New York. Los Angeles. Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco. Boston, Detroit, Washington, D.C., Cleveland, and DaUaslFt. Worth. These markets are more heavily sampled to allow MRI to prepare reliable media and marketing estimates on a local market basis

1. First, an in-home interview is used to collect demographics and data related to media exposure (including magazines, newspapers, radio, television, cable, Internet. and outdoor).
2. At the end of the interview, the fieldworker leaves behind a self-completing questionnaire booklet covering personal and household usage of some 500 product categories and services and 6,000 brands.

Fieldwork is conducted by LHK Partners Inc., Newtown Square, Pennsylvania Each fieldworker is thoroughly trained in interviewing techniques as well as in methods of gaining access to respondents and establishing rapport.

A wide range of techniques is used to elicit the full cooperation of respondents. Listed households are informed by mail ahead of time that they will be contacted by an interviewer. Up to six separate attempts are made to contact difficult-to-reach respondents. Households presenting language barriers are reassigned to specifically qualified interviewers, as are refusals and other unusual cases.

The personal interview takes. on average, 60-65 minutes to complete. At its conclusion, the questionnaire booklet is presented and a $20 payment is offered as an incentive for its completion. The interviewer then makes an appointment to return at a later date to pick it up.

Over the years, the National Study has become a source of valuable information on consumers for firms in a variety of indastries

Mall-Intercept Personal Interviews

In mall-intercept personal interviews, respondents are intercepted while they are shopping in malls and brought to test facilities in the malls. The interviewer then administers a questionnaire as in the in-home personal survey. The advantage of mall-intercept interviews is that it is more efficient for the respondent to come to the interviewer than for the interviewer to go to the respondent.f This method has become increasingly popular and there are several hundred permanent mall research facilities. As the following example shows, mall intercepts are especially appropriate when the respondents need to see, handle, or consume the product before they can provide meaningful information.

Touch Screen  Surveys with the Touch of a Screen

Touch Screen Research is Australia’s leading supplier of touch screen survey software and associated hardware. They have helped a number of clients, including ANZ Bank and Eli Lilly, in collecting market research data. TouchScreen kiosks have also proven extremely popular in Australia because of their sleek and practical design as well as their effectiveness in collecting pertinent data

What was more remarkable was the turnaround time. Within 72 hours of the expo closing its doors, TouchScreen Research was able to provide ETF with a PDF file that contained an easy-to-read, well-collated. and comprehensive survey findings. ETF was able to utilize these findings for the purpose of providing valuable selling points when speaking with potential exhibitors and sponsors as well as for planning and strategizing its marketmg activities and planning its visitor campaign. It was also able to identify specific target areas for furure exhibitions based on this data

Computer-assistedpersonal interviewing(CAPl), such as that using touchscreens,is becomingmore popular aroundthe world.

Computer-assistedpersonal interviewing(CAPl), such as that using touchscreens,is becomingmore popular aroundthe world.

Some Decisions Related to the Mail Interview Package

Some Decisions Related to the Mail Interview Package

Mail Methods

Mail interviews. the third major form of survey administration, can be conducted via or mail or the mail panel

Mail Interviews

However. before data collection can begin, the respondents need to be at least hr. identified. Therefore, an initial task is to obtain a valid mailing list. Mailing lists C.II compiled from telephone directories, customer rosters, or association membership roll, purchased from publication subscription lists or commercial mailing list cornucopia- Regardless of its source, a mailing list should be current and closely related to the populous of interest. The researcher must also make decisions about the various elements of the mail interview package (see Table 6.1). Mail surveys are used for a variety of purposes. include; measurement of consume~ preferences, as illustrated by the following example.

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