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William and Charles Mayo began practicing medicine in the 1880s in Rochester, Minnesota. They were quickly recognized as extremely talented surgeons, and they gained so many patients that they were forced to think about expanding their practice. Around the turn of the century, the Mayo brothers began inviting others to join their practice. The partnerships that the Mayos entered into created one of the first private group practices of medicine in the United States. In 1919, the Mayo brothers turned their partnership into a not-for-profit, charitable organization known as the Mayo Foundation. All proceeds beyond operating expenses were to be contributed to education, research, and patient
care. The Mayo Cliflic  has been operating in this fashion ever since. The Mayo Clinic’s primary value is, “The needs of the patient corne first:’ Its mission is, “Mayo will provide the best care to every patient every day through integrated clinical practice, education, and research.

What helps Mayo achieve strong brand recognition is its emphasis on marketing research. A significant portion of marketing research is devoted to brand management. Marketing research is’ used to continuously monitor consumer perceptions and evaluations of the Mayo Clinic. According to John la Forgia, the Mayo Clinic’s Office of
Brand Management serves two basic functions. The first is operating as a clearinghouse for external perceptions. The second is to provide physicians with an understanding of the brand as they branch out into new areas. A brand-equity research project found that the Mayo Clinic was considered to be the best practice in the country. It also found that 84 percent of the public is aware of the Mayo Clinic, and that they associate words such as excellence, care, and comparsion with it

The other part of its strategy is the enhancement of the brand. To accomplish this, the Mayo Clinic relies on ~arketing research to monitor the perceptions of its patients, the public, donors, the medical staff, and other constituencies recent marketing research study revealed that consumers’ choice of a health care organization is determined by their evaluation of the alternative health care organizations on the following salient attributes: (I) doctors, (2) medical technology. (3) nursing care, (4) physical facilities, (5) management, and (6) ethics. Since then, the Mayo Clinic has sought to emphasize these factors.

In the service industry, the onus of maintaining a good reputation and name depends largely on the way the service is delivered. Thus, it is most important for Mayo to keep delivcring the product and not lose sight of the fact that Mayo is a health care provider and all of the brand equity it has in the minds of Americans depends on its continued deliver)’ of excellent health care. Mayo Clinic marketers say that keeping the brand strong well into the future will depend primarily upon patients’ day-to-day experiences, which can be enhanced by marketing research identifying patient needs and developing medical programs to meet those needs


Through an unflinching focus on patient care, cutting-edge research in medical science, and reliance on marketing research, the Mayo Clinic has been able to carve a special place for itself in the hearts and minds of people and build a strong brand.


I, The Mayo Clinic would like to further strengthen their brand image and equity. Define the management decision problem. 2. Define the marketing research problem corresponding 10 the management decision problem you have defined in question I. 3. What type of research design should be adopted? Why? 4. Describe the sources of secondary data that would he help full in determining consumer preferences for health care facilities

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